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Frame in Swift Forgetting to assign a view a frame when creating it in code, and then wondering why it isn’t appearing when added to a superview, is a common beginner mistake. If a view has a standard size that you want it to adopt, especially in relation to its contents (like a UIButton in relation to its title), an alternative is to call its sizeToFit method. Matt Neuburg. Programming iOS 13 (Kindle Locations 555-557). []
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This book is intended to accompany and precede Programming iOS 13, which picks up where this book leaves off. If writing an iOS program is like building a house of bricks, this book teaches you what a brick is and how to handle it, while Program‐ ming iOS 13 shows you some actual bricks and tells you how to assemble them.


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View A view is also a responder (UIView is a subclass of UIResponder). This means that a view is subject to user interactions, such as taps and swipes. Thus, views are the basis not only of the interface that the user sees, but also of the interface that the user touches The Window and Root View The top of the view hierarchy is the app’s window. It is an instance of UIWindow (or your own subclass thereof), which is a UIView subclass. []
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