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I found a weird problem of the app Google Maps of my Oppo Android phone. That’s when you search a place in Google map, say “Central Park”, ideally this app should show you list of photos and reviews for this park. For example, someone may post photo of the lawn or rivers of this park, and add some reviews such as good location and easy to park etc. However, there is nothing in my Google Apps.

Troubleshooting & Solutions

To solve this problem, I googled for possible solution, here is the findings.

In short, you should change your country in Google Play, because there are content restrictions in certain countries. So you’d change it to some countries with least restrictions, such as I changed to Australia.

Unfortunately this change still not work.

Ultimate solution

By further dig into Google Map settings, and checking logs. It still in vain. At last I solved this problem by unstall it and re-download from Google play. It turn out to be the Google map I installed is come from unofficial Google play but from Opoo app store.