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In current CI/CD world, for DevOps tasks, many teams chose to use Bamboo API/Library running together with HELM chart and Kubernetes, to run actual deployemnt in Bamboo pipeline. You may get following weird error .

build	25-May-2022 16:34:02	### HELM Deploy - my-awesome-micro-service
build	25-May-2022 16:34:02	
build	25-May-2022 16:34:02	Release "my-awesome-micro-service" does not exist. Installing it now.
error	25-May-2022 16:34:03	Error: rendered manifests contain a resource that already exists. Unable to continue with install: existing resource conflict: namespace: myspace, name: my-awesome-micro-service, existing_kind: apps/v1, Kind=Deployment, new_kind: apps/v1, Kind=Deployment
build	25-May-2022 16:34:03	
build	25-May-2022 16:34:03	### HELM chart history
build	25-May-2022 16:34:03	
error	25-May-2022 16:34:04	Error: release: not found
build	25-May-2022 16:34:04	
build	25-May-2022 16:34:04	Helm Deploy FAILED

Error details & solutions

From the log description, it’s kind of a paradox, it claiming my-awesome-micro-service not exist, so trying to install it. At the meanwhile, it encounter one error saying this service already exist, so failed to install it.

The root cause is previous deployment failed to delete, so installing new version not work.

This is actually caused by finalizer in Kubenetes. If you check the service in LENS for this service’s deployment, you’ll find it.

The solution is simple, just delete this finalizer, you can run this via following command.

kubectl -n pretrade patch deployment/my-awesome-micro-service -p '{"metadata":{"finalizers":null}}'