Shortcuts & tips


  • Cmd+Shift+A: mute
  • CMd+W: leave meeting.
  • Fn+F: toggle full screen

Microsoft TEAMS

Replace Cmd with Ctrl for Windows platform Cmd +Shift+M: mute Cmd +Shift+H: leave meeting Cmd + . : to show list of all shortcuts Cmd + / : to focus in search bar Cmd + G: go to find a person to start talk Cmd + F: Open filter Cmd + +: to zoom in to show bigger font Cmd + -: to zoom out to show smaller font Cmd + 0: to zoom in to show original font

Cmd + 2: Go to Chat Cmd + 3: Go to Teams group

Options + Up/Down: move to previous/next item in left pane, e.g. Cmd+2, then Alt+Down to move to next conversation in left conversation pane.

Microsoft VS Code:

  • Ctrl+0 : go to first pane, e.g. if file explorer opened, this will put focus on files explorer
  • Ctrl+Shift+E: toggle focus onto files explorer, first press “Ctrl+Shift+E” will focus files explorer, second press “Ctrl+Shift+E” will focus file editor pane
  • Ctrl+e: open recently files
  • F1: to show command platte, same as “Ctrl+Shift+P”

VSCode plugins

  • All Autocomplete: for english typing auto complete

Intellij Notes


  • Ctrl+Alft+F12 : Open current file in Explorer, you can chose which level to show, e.g. this file, it’s parent, grand parent etc.
  • CMD+3: Open actions (Eclipse)
  • CMD+F12 (Mac) or Option+F12: Show terminal
  • Shift+ESC: close auxiliary windows, such as project explorer, terminal window, etc.
  • Cmd+O: File structure, list all methods
  • Shift+Cmd+F: reformat code


  • Ctrl+-: Go to last edit:

Notion Notes

Cmd+: show left bar

Cmd+P: global search

Mac tips

  • Cmd + ← or → : move cursor to begin or end of line
  • Shift + Cmd + →: select whole line (move cursor to line front first)
  • Option + Shift + → / ←: select whole word
  • ^ + Down: to show various instance window of current application, e.g. show different window of Chrome windows, you can use Ctrl+\` to switch in different instance window.
  • Ctrl+F2: to access menu bar

Linux comands

  • List only folders:

ls -dl conflu*

sudo lsof -i tcp:3000

lsof is a command line utility for all Unix and Linux like operating systems to check “list of open files”

  • Redirect

using > /dev/null 2>&1 will redirect all your command output (both stdout and stderr) to /dev/null, meaning no outputs are printed to the terminal.

By default:

stdin  ==> fd 0
stdout ==> fd 1
stderr ==> fd 2

In the script, you use > /dev/null causing:

stdin  ==> fd 0
stdout ==> /dev/null
stderr ==> fd 2

And then 2>&1 causing:

stdin  ==> fd 0
stdout ==> /dev/null
stderr ==> stdout



  • docker network ls

list all docker networkds

  • docker rmi:

remove and un-tags one or more images from the host node


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