Don’t be afraid to make s splash.


You should always bear in mind keyboard shortcut will make your daily coding job a little faster, while such tiny productivity increase could accumulate to a huge output increase for days, months or years.

Never underestimate few seconds time saving by using keyboard shortcut


  • Cmt+F3 : show all bookmarks
  • Shift+Control+comma: Zoom out in every panel
  • Shift+Control+period: Zoom in in every panel
  • Cmd+1: to toggle Project explorer window, so to show or hide it
  • Cmd+2: to show or hide bookmark window
  • Cmd+3: to show or hide Find window
  • Win+F10: Put IntelliJ Menu in focus, so you can navigate menu items by keyboard
  • Change Font Size in anywhere: To increase the font size, press ⌃⇧Period. To decrease it, press ⌃⇧Comma
  • Win+F9: Open run/debug configuration window
  • Alt+F10: To show line and file where current breakpoint is located.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Insert: Insert a new file in current direct, e.g. to insert a new class in current folder.
  • Cmd + +/- to expand and collapse a method body
  • Ctrl+J: To show JavaDoc
  • Cmd+Alt+B: To show interface implementations
  • F11: add bookmark,
  • Shift+F11: show bookmarks
  • Shift + Escape: close bottom source panel or left side barGo to settings, Editor->General->Mouse-> change font size (Zoom)
  • Alt + F: Git refresh : Assign it in Intellij key map
  • Ctrl + T: switch different editorsAlt + F1: Show in , then preses ‘1’ to show file in project viewer, like “scroll from source”use Ctrl+Q to show quick documentation for the element at caret. to show javadocAlt + F12: to open terminal window, then ‘mvn package’
  • Cmd+. : to collapse indent, e.g. to hide all children elements
  • maximize edit pane:
    • Cmd+Shift+F12: For MacOs keymap
    • Ctrl + Shift + F12 (Default keymap).
  • Ctrl+R: replace- F6: move file, Shift+F6: rename file- Ctrl+Alt+ <-: go back to previous position
  • F11 toggle for anonymous bookmark
  • Shift+F11: show all bookmarks.
  • Ctrl+F11: then press 0,1,2,3, etc. then Ctrl +1, Ctrl +3, to go to that bookmark
  • Ctrl+Shift+F7: highlight all references (of selected method)
  • go to matching braceCtrl+} will move to the close bracket.Ctrl+{ will move to the open bracket
  • split editor to menu “window” -> “editor tabs” -> split
  • Ctrl+Shift+A: Action window, just like sublime, search IDE actions

go to matching brace

Ctrl+} will move to the close bracket. Ctrl+{ will move to the open bracket

split editor

go to menu “window” -> “editor tabs” -> split

  • Navigating to the declaration of a symbol

how to add xx-properties project to xx project as dependencies

select project and press F4 to open properties, chose ‘module’ in left pane and then click “+”, chose ‘import module’, then chose the properties project