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Is Kerberos one SSL/TLS?

No, Kerberos is not SSL/TLS. Kerberos is a network authentication protocol designed to provide secure authentication between clients and servers in a network environment. It uses a trusted third-party authentication server, called the Key Distribution Center (KDC), to authenticate users and servers and generate session keys for secure communication.

On the other hand, SSL/TLS is a protocol designed to provide secure communication over a network, such as the internet. It provides confidentiality, integrity, and authentication between the client and the server, using digital certificates and encryption to protect data in transit.

While both Kerberos and SSL/TLS provide security for network communication, they do so in different ways and for different purposes. Kerberos provides authentication and secure session key distribution, while SSL/TLS provides encryption and authentication for data in transit. It’s also worth noting that it is possible to use both Kerberos and SSL/TLS together for a more comprehensive security solution.