As you know, staff and your safety is paramount. So what if emergency take place, such as fire in office, how to help yourself and your colleagues by knowing how to use fire extinguisher correctly. Here is a short introduction.

Rule No.1 Keep calm and don’t panic

Have a breath and don’t try to do silly things, e.g. jump out of window or rush out of office which surrounded by fire already.

How to use Fire Extinguisher

When using a fire extinguisher, remember one word PASS, that’s accronym of following 4 steps:

  1. Pull the pin. Test in small short bursts away from fire
  2. Aim at the base of the fire
  3. Squeeze the trigger
  4. Sweep across the base of the fire

You may need to use a fire extinguisher to clear an egress path.

Lastly and most importantly rule:

Only use a fire extinguisher if you are confident or have been trained to do so. The general rule is, don’t try to extinguish anything larger than an office chair.