It’s typical to get various network connection issues when you run commands within corporation network. For example, you’ll find diversed issues when you trying to fetch/push about your repository host in

here is a short-and-sweet page to illustrate on how to sort it out by yourself.


Could not resolve host:


git push
fatal: unable to access '': Could not resolve host:

This is emblematic network proxy error.


Depends on your running command line tool (e.g. windows prompt, gitbash, cmder, etc.) you can run following command prior to your git command

export http_proxy=;


set http_proxy=;

Authentication failed for:


git push
remote: Invalid username or password.
fatal: Authentication failed for ''



This is related to your personal API token. So got to check your token status, whether it’s expired.

  • If it’s expried, go to genearate a new one via

If this is for your personal usage, you can chose “No expiration” in dropdown in new token page.

  • Copy your newly geneated personal access token, then rerun your command in command console
  • You’ll get a pop up window to ask for your new token. Paste it here as below screenshot

  • Check running status in your command console, it shoud working fine now.
  • Grab a coffee and enjoy it. :coffee: :joy: